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  • An innovative performance-based seismic design, together with careful communication between the design team and the client, led to the completion of the new international terminal at Turkey's Sabiha Gokcen International Airport, in Istanbul, in just 18 months. The 200,000 m2 structure is considered the world's largest seismically isolated building.


  • After more than 12 years of professional and volunteer engineering efforts, Britain's defunct narrow-gauge Welsh Highland Railway is poised to reopen as a tourist line that will carry passengers through the steep mountains of a national park in Wales. The project entailed the raising of a retaining wall and the addition of a catch fence, the lowering of a tunnel floor, the widening of one bridge and the replacement of several others, and the design and construction of the only mixed-gauge crossing in the United Kingdom, as well as numerous other engineering and environmental challenges.



Source : American Society Of Civil Engineers