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We are presently working mainly in the field of inspection and Quality Control consultancy for fabrication pertaining to welded/riveted steel bridges and flyovers. Our scope of work starts from preparation of Quality Assurance Plan and Welding Procedure Specification, interpretation of fabrication drawing, providing necessary guidance on fabrication methodology and sequence, inspection of different stages of fabrication till the completion of the job . It is our continuous endeavour to provide the total engineering solutions to the fabrication process so that the required quality is achieved at every stages of fabrication. We at Polaris are equipped with all the Specifications/Publications as well as professionals to support the above activities at each stages.


From the desk of Managing Director (CEO)

We are at present mainly working in the field of providing fabrication consultancy including inspection and quality assurance services pertaining to fabrication of steel bridges and flyovers. Many of these bridges and flyovers are unique in terms of Structural Engineering and we have to formulate fabrication methodology and sequence for each type of the above bridges and flyovers. All of these are challenging tasks and we have emerged successfully in all the said projects till date. We are working at present on at least three projects which are probably equal or more challenging tasks for us and we sincerely hope that we will come out successfully in each of the above cases. I always personally like to accept challenges in this field and I hope that our Team Polaris will be able to combat these challenges successfully.

I thank you for visiting our website on behalf of Team Polaris.

With Best Wishes,

Soumitra Kumar De

E-mail: skd@polarisindia.co.in